Thursday, 27 June 2013

London- Day 1


Top-Topshop, Skirt- H&M, Kimono- Band of Gypsies (via Asos), Shoes- Converse

As you probably have noticed, I got my hair cut!! I had 10 inches cut off last Saturday; when I told the hairdresser how short I wanted it, she actually said, "Oh my god!" I wanted it short so that it would be easier to manage in the summer and I was just bored of my long hair. Alexa Chung is my hair inspiration and I asked for mine to be cut like hers.

Anyways, I came back from a 2 day trip to London with my college as part of 'enrichment'. On the first day, we travelled by coach for half the day and in the evening, we had a meal at Prezzo. Afterwards, we went to see 'Wicked', the musical, at the Apollo Victoria theatre. The storyline was a bit confusing but I really enjoyed it!


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